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    Improper use of glass, plastic is likely to affect the quality of decoration
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    Decoration glass glue used in place despite the relatively small, but it can not ignore its quality and performance, after the renovation because the poor quality of glass, plastic or damage caused by improper use of the family a few, here to give your reminder.
    Generic plastic glass silicone sealant, sub-acidic and neutral two kinds. Acidic glass, plastic and other materials, mainly used for glass bonding between general. The neutral glue overcome acidic corrosion of metals and plastic materials react with alkaline characteristics, it is applied to a wider range, its market price is slightly higher than the acidic gel.
    On the market many varieties of glass, plastic, glass, plastic acidic, neutral weather rubber, neutral silicate structural adhesive, silicone rubber stone, neutral mold plastic, hollow glass, plastic, aluminum plate special glue, adhesive aquarium , large glass adhesive, bathroom mold for plastic, rubber, etc. acidic structure.
    Acidic silicone sealant: bonding a wide range, for most building materials such as glass, aluminum, wood and other non-oleaginous has excellent adhesion. But can not be used for bonding ceramics, marble and so on. Acidic plastic glass is generally used in the wood line at the back of the dumb, the adhesive force is strong. Neutral silicone sealant: Can be used for bonding ceramic sanitary ware, marble. Relay relatively weak neutral glass adhesive, generally used in the bathroom mirror on the back of these places do not need a strong adhesive force. Neutral glass glue used more in the home improvement, mainly because it does not corrode object.
    How to buy glass, plastic
    Plastic glass in architectural decoration materials is a very humble auxiliary materials, but in building construction and interior decoration, but plays a very important role, can not ignore its quality and performance, glass, plastic varieties on the market is good and the bad , how to buy one kind used in the construction and decoration effect, strong adhesion, pure color, the price is quite glass glue it? Consumers must be aware of the following common sense.
    (1) can not be cheap. Most users still put cheaper products first, not knowing that not only affects the use of cheap plastic construction quality, service life, more importantly, can easily result in rework, schedule delays, and even accidents. To win profiteering, unscrupulous traders can play tricks on the package, loaded with a thick plastic bottles to reduce the weight of the brand with poor quality glue instead of plastic, and its profits obtained in the prices. An equal weight of low-grade glass, plastic glass, plastic can be cheaper than the brand several times, but the brand glass, plastic viscosity, tensile strength was better than low-grade plastic glass 3-20 times 10-50 times longer service life. Therefore, the owner can not freeloaders, so as not to affect the interior life.
    (2) for performance of the different. Some owners do not understand the product knowledge in the case of purchased glass, plastic, used in the process found a lot of problems. Neutral and acidic glass, plastic glass, plastic scope and adhesion strength is not the same, must be explicitly used in the place of purchase, purchase the appropriate product.
    (3) pay attention to mildew. This is very important, such as glass, plastic used in many bathrooms, toilets have been very wet, easy to mold, a long time will be difficult to see, so there must be glass, plastic mold effect. Usually glass, plastic bottles will illustrate, some poor quality glass, plastic is simply no such function, so be sure to recognize the time of purchase.
    (4) recognize the brand. Plastic glass on the market quality varies greatly, relatively simple way is through the brand and price determine its quality. Try to choose when buying brand glass, plastic, they are guaranteed in quality, especially in these brands will be on the packaging of glass, plastic detailed product descriptions to facilitate buyers to distinguish performance. Sometimes the same brand and grade of products will be sub-series, will have a description of notes, such as 5, 7, these levels correspond with a certain range and categories. China is currently no uniform for the industry standard, but foreign brands have a unified standard glass, plastic, for example, should use the 7-ware glass glue.
    (5) look at the packaging. A factory to see the date, purpose, instructions for use, precautions and other content representations are clear and complete; second look at net content is accurate, manufacturers must be marked on the bottle and the net content specifications (in grams or milliliters).
    (6) Inspection gum. A smell odors, two more than shiny, three examinations particles, four see bubbles, five test curing effect, six test tension and viscosity.
    Use plastic glass
    ◆ Clear joint surface of the water, grease, dust and other pollutants, available when appropriate solvent (such as xylene, methyl ethyl ketone) clean surface, then a clean cloth to wipe any residue to make it fully clean and dry.
    ◆ Interface with plastic tape covering nearby surfaces. In order to ensure a perfect seal lines neat work.
    ◆ cut the hose nozzle, fitted with needle nose tube, according to its size caulk angle of 45 ° cut.
    ◆ Install caulking gun, maintaining a 45 ° angle along the slit extrusion plastic materials, plastic materials to ensure close contact with the substrate surface. When the joint width greater than 15 mm, the need to repeatedly glue. After the glue with a tool trimming surface to remove excess plastic material, then tape torn off, if stains, use a damp cloth to remove.
    ◆ sealant after 10 minutes at room temperature, the surface curing, curing completely take 24 hours or more, according to the thickness of the adhesive and ambient temperature and humidity vary.
    ◆ glass glue is not toxic, but generally corrosive!
    ◆ The glue is acidic, heavy use, keep the construction site ventilation.
    ◆ Avoid prolonged skin contact with sealant. If vulcanized rubber gets into your eyes, flush immediately with plenty of water or see a doctor.
    ◆ Never entrance, shall reach of children.
    ◆ remaining tight rubber seal to avoid contact with air and curing.
    ◆ Non-dangerous goods storage and transportation, stored in a cool, dry place, shelf life from date of manufacture for the 6 months or more

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