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    Eco-friendly plastic glass is the focus of future development
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    At present, the overall plastic glass from China market, has the following characteristics: MNCs in China to promote their functional and non-organic solvent-based glass, plastic products, to seize the high-end market, and direct marketing or co-production of ordinary glass, plastic, competing generic market. After years of digestion and absorption of domestic enterprises, self-development, there are many companies grasp of ordinary glass, plastic production technology and production, current production is estimated at 30,000 tons / year, about 30 kinds of varieties. Part of the technical ability of domestic companies have been able to produce high-performance functional or non-organic solvent-based sealant products. Domestic production of functional solvent-based glass, plastic, such as high temperature cooking type, resistance to media type, slip-resistant formulations and other products have gradually come out, make up the gap. In the non-organic solvent based polyurethane adhesive, despite the introduction of new products, but in the process operation and application performance on both solvent-based products have a certain gap, the cost is also at a disadvantage, promote the application of the more developed countries, there is still the case big gap. With China's accession to WTO, as well as domestic environmental awareness, environmental protection and other aspects of technical barriers will stand out. Composite membrane manufacturers and adhesive manufacturers should work together to improve the technical level of composite products.
    From the general quality glass, plastic viscosity, tension, whether mold, is it easy to clean, will change color aspects to consider. The market many varieties of glass, plastic, glass, plastic acidic, neutral weather rubber, neutral silicate structural adhesive, silicone rubber stone, neutral mold plastic, hollow glass, plastic, aluminum panels for plastic, aquarium dedicated plastic, large glass adhesive, bathroom mildew special glue.
    Experts believe that the development of glass, plastic, show the following trends: ordinary domestic composite plastic glass with a solvent-based two-component polyurethane adhesive sealant has completely mastered the production technology, some manufacturers mature technology, stable quality, can completely replace the imported products; domestic manufacturers Cooking resistant plastic glass with a solvent-based two-component polyurethane adhesive production technology has been through, for many years to promote application shows stable product quality, reasonable price, has to replace imported products; aluminized special glue, slip-resistant rubber and other products for the agent function strong, outstanding performance, should be vigorously promoted; China climate differences are significant, complex equipment condition varies, composite manufacturers should be targeted to select suitable varieties of glass adhesive glue; China has joined the WTO, composite manufacturers should focus on improving technology, updated composite equipment, with the promotion of environmentally friendly adhesives, breaking environmental technology barriers, adapt to globalization, development requirements; adhesives research and development unit, the manufacturer should accelerate the development of environmentally friendly alternatives to make our products to meet the complex requirements of comprehensive performance; industry associations should improve product testing means and methods accelerate the development of products industry standards to establish technical barriers to protect national industries.
    With China's sustained economic development and continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the market for glass, plastic products have become increasingly demanding, good performance, high quality, environmentally friendly glass, plastic products will be people of all ages. Glass, plastic production enterprises and research institutes should be based on market demand, investments in technology, research and development of positive performance, high-quality glass, plastic new products in response to market competition at home and abroad.
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