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    Silicone sealant composition analysis Roads
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    {Silicone sealant composition analysis} road use of modern large-scale spectrometer [IR, NMR, GC, TGA, DSC, SEM] [silicone sealant road sealant composition analysis] combines industry for many years engaged in the {component silicone sealant road analysis} research university experts, the use of raw materials rich standard library, a lot of production experience, reverse restore the path {silicone sealant composition analysis}; {silicone sealant composition analysis} road widely used in automotive, electronics, appliances, etc. industry;
    Because roads polysulfide sealants and sealant poly nitrogen ester road is not very good resistance to aging, therefore, in the construction process often requires Glue thicker, so that even if the surface has a certain age, you can still maintain a certain deep sealing effect . Since polysulfide, polyurethane sealant road better overall performance, so it has been widely used.

    Silicone sealant is a single component road products, simple construction, without prior mixing. Silicone rubber has excellent resistance to UV aging resistance, can guarantee 10 years without cracking, chalking, hardening phenomenon. In addition, the construction of the thickness just 6-13 mI'n, far less than the amount of flow of plastic and polyurethane glue together. Silicone rubber resistant to high temperature performance is also very good, in a 50 to 150 ℃ to maintain flexibility. Low temperature does not harden, become brittle, high temperature does not soften, flowing. Since the performance of silicone sealant road has many other products can not have the characteristics of, and the amount of saving, easy to use, it is considered road sealing material trends.
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