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    Sealant types and presentation
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     Since the 1970s, the sealant has begun for the construction joint sealing structure has gradually become the main material. This class features and basic polymer materials can be classified both methods, it is important depending on the application and the sealing function of the product categories, the standard has been prepared with a glass curtain wall joint sealants, concrete joint sealant, stone sealant, mildew sealants, metal color board sealants, glazing sealant, as well as the need may fire sealant, insulating sealants, corrosion inhibiting sealant, with its physical and mechanical properties according ISO 11600 standard classification, the respective provisions of the feature-specific technical requirements. The design selection, product research and engineering applications is concerned, according to the base polymer type classification has become not important, the key is that the product will meet the purpose and specific functional requirements. Several categories listed first sealants and related technical requirements.
    1) curtain wall glass joint sealants
    Glass curtain wall with adhesive sealing seam sealant, now basically silicone sealant. The appearance of one-component sticks can squeeze viscous fluid, does not sag after extrusion, deformation, color mainly black. For long-term withstand sun, rain, snow and wind pressure and other environmental conditions alternating role withstand greater displacement of the glass curtain wall joints - glass adhesive sealing joints can also be used for other architectural glass joints sealed. By displacement capability and modulus divided into four levels.
    2) Architectural Window Sealant
    Used or windows, window frames and window glass sealant sealing inserts. The appearance of one-component sticks can squeeze viscous fluid, does not sag after extrusion, no deformation. Colors are transparent, translucent, brown, white, black and so on. Modulus and products according to the size of the displacement capacity is divided into 3 levels. This class is mainly used for joint sealing sealant, does not bear structural stress. Required adaptation may be a silicone sealant, modified silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide type, etc., the hole - window frame seal may be siliconized acrylic or acrylic.
    3) concrete construction joint sealants
    Definition: used for concrete roofing, wall deformation crack sealing sealant.
    The appearance of one-component sticks can squeeze viscous fluids.
    As component material, size, temperature, structural deformation, foundation settlement and other conditions of use affect a wide range of sealant joint movement capability and durability requirements vary greatly, products include 25 to 7.5 for all six levels. Press liquidity into the N-type - for vertical joints, does not sag after extrusion, deformation; S-type - can be used for self-leveling horizontal joints. Including neutral silicone sealant, modified silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide type, further comprising acrylic acid, siliconized acrylic acid, butyl sealants, asphalt caulking paste, after three main internal interface for the construction seam sealing.
    4) Mildew Sealant
    Itself does not grow mold or to inhibit the growth of mold sealant. The appearance of one-component sticks can squeeze viscous fluids.
    Product classification by mildew resistance is 0 and 1, and press the modulus and displacement capacity is divided into 20LM level, 20HM level, 12.5E grade three levels. Mainly used for kitchen, toilet and bathroom, the whole toilet, sterile operating room, operating room and microbiological laboratories and sanitary ware and other construction joints sealed.
    5) Stone Joint Sealant
    Architectural decoration natural stone walls and joints with sealant. Appearance component sticks can squeeze viscous fluids.
    Classification: This class sealant movement capability and modulus by divided into five levels. For granite, marble and other natural stone seam construction waterproof, weather sealing and decoration. Suitable sealant including the neutral silicone sealant, polyurethane, polysulfide type, further comprising acrylic sealant.
    6) coated steel with construction sealant
    Light steel structure building color coated steel seam sealed with sealant. The appearance of one-component sticks can squeeze viscous fluid, with close to a variety of color and color plates. There are seven levels of such sealants. Meet the requirements of the standard products are mainly neutral silicone sealant, polyurethane, polysulfide type elastic sealant. Mainly used for light color coated steel seamless steel building light steel color coated steel roof or wall seams waterproof, anti-corrosion and weather seal. Since the larger coefficient of thermal expansion of steel products up to the maximum displacement capacity requirements ± 50%; sealant stable bond with color coating material, and the request products have good adhesive peel strength.
    3 different base polymer sealants
    1) building silicone sealant
    Definition: organosiloxane liquid silicone rubber based sealant.
    Appearance: viscous fluid can squeeze, the case of air moisture curing, while the release of low molecular weight product.
    Acetic acid or formic acid curing product precipitated product is acidic adhesive, the product precipitated as a neutral non-acidic adhesive, such as alcohol type, off oxime, the amide type. Easily lead to acidic metal corrosion sealant, concrete acidification, but glass has good adhesion Union; neutral sealant using a wider scope, it should be noted that some alcohol-based products should be stored off delay after curing, or even curing phenomenon.
    Silicone sealant with high temperature stability, low temperature flexibility, good elasticity, resistance to weathering, water-resistant, with glass bonding stability and other characteristics. But not for silicone sealant to be applied after the paint coating the site, should not be used to withstand tearing, abrasion, and there may be the site of the puncture should also note that some product easy permeability contaminated substrates. Products are one-component type, there are two-component type. Divided by use of concrete, aluminum and glass with two. Products by displacement capacity is divided into four levels.
    2) construction with polyurethane sealant
    Definition: Two isocyanate and a polyether polyol of the polymer-based sealant.
    Appearance can squeeze viscous fluids, chemical curing (two component, drums) or a case of moisture in the air curing (component, sticks). Concrete and metal structures for construction joints seal can also be used in square, roads, bridges, airports, storage tanks, oil storage structure, dam and other waterproof seams. By displacement capacity and modulus of more than one level. Polyurethane sealant low permeability, oil, solvent, water, anti-aging, high strength, good elasticity, adhesion stability, tearing, abrasion, puncture resistance. Mostly one-component products, there are also two-component type. When the sealant used for the purpose should have the corresponding technical performance.
    3) polysulfide sealant for construction
    Definition: liquid polysulfide rubber based sealant.
    Appearance can squeeze viscous fluids, chemical curing (two component, drums) or a case of moisture in the air curing (component, sticks). Products are single component and two-component type. By moisture-curing one-component type; rely on chemical curing two-component type. Products should be graded displacement capacity and modulus.
    Component products generally slower curing, two-component product can adjust the mixing ratio of the two components, adjust the desired curing time of an elastic body. Polysulfide sealant has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low permeability, heat resistance, water resistance, good elasticity, adhesion and stability.
    4) acrylic sealant for construction
    Definition: polyacrylate resins based sealant.
    Appearance: The product is a viscous fluid can squeeze, one-component sticks.
    Emulsion products are mostly rare solvent-based products. Low cost of the product emulsion, can be used for wet interface cured by evaporation before curing not rain water, mainly for the construction of internal seal joints. Emulsion type acrylic sealant solvent-toxic, water-resistant after curing, aging resistance, oil resistance, there is sufficient elongation and adhesion. In recent years, there's a silicone-modified acrylic sealant has better performance, especially water, aging resistance is much higher than normal acrylic sealant.
    5) CSM Building Sealant
    Mainly with chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber with curing agents, accelerators, softeners, fillers blended, ground into a sealant. Product as a thick paste, no crust, agglomeration and segregation. Products for the component sticks. Mainly used for exterior seams, windows, door frames and glass inserts
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